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Insurance Archives - What is Final Expense Insurance

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Life Insurance Over 60 Years – Should You Buy A Plan?

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Many people make the mistake of thinking that they cannot get a great life insurance deal if they are 60 or older. In truth, there are plenty of life insurance over 60 policies available, especially those who are fit and healthy. Having worked hard for most of your life to provide for your family, it is time for you to add an extra measure of security to your finances. Getting a senior citizen life insurance

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Can Senior Citizens Buy Final Expense Life Insurance?

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Final expense life insurance can be a great policy for senior citizens. If you are retired, qualifying for this policy will be simple. The application process does not require medical examination and this is the reasons why we can say that this plan is the perfect choice for senior clients. Funeral expenses can cause financial problems in a family. Many clients worry that their loved ones will not be able to cover the costs of

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5 Tips for Finding Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors

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Finding a low cost policy is something that many people want. Read these 5 tips for finding affordable life insurance for seniors: 1)      Age is not your ally: apply as fast as possible. If you just sit around and do nothing, later you will regret it. Prices are not getting cheaper and with each passing year, you reduce the chances of being accepted.  For most companies, the maximum age of a client is 65 years. 

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5 Reasons to Cover Funeral Costs With Life Insurance!

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 Burial life insurance is a policy built to save money which in turn will be used for paying funeral costs. We present you 5 reasons to cover funeral costs with life insurance: 1)     Funerals are expensive.  Paying for an unexpected funeral is difficult and it costs a lot. Traditional funeral range between $7.000 and many tens of thousands, depending on the offered services and materials used.  It is wise to buy a policy that will

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What is Final Expense Insurance?

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Thinking about your demise and its consequences is certainly not the best way to spend your time. When you are long, this thing becomes urgent, even if it looks a bit scary and uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, you must confront these demons and talk with your family.  Buying a burial life insurance policy is the wisest thing to do. This policy has features that make it the only option for getting immediate death benefits. In our blog

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